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Vintage Art Deco Cabinet - Refinished

Vintage Art Deco Cabinet - Refinished

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This was a really difficult piece to refinish. The old veneer was peeling - from water damage and luckily it only impacted the veneer! Underneath the veneer was okay for the most part and I tried my absolute best to hide the chipped bits & other little blemishes, but not even wood filler helped smooth things out!

Thankfully any little spots are hard to see as it’s painted black and it hides a lot. I wish I could’ve left the veneer but oh well! It looks way better and now it’s not sitting in a landfill.

There is one cracked pane of glass on the left side of it. Replacing it would’ve been more expensive and made the cost of this piece significant, so I left it.

Otherwise, it’s in great shape! A new back cover was made to help protect the glass and the sliding door now opens smoothly too.

It has a lot of character and I’ve never seen a piece like this before.

the previous owner said he had it from the 1950s and moved it out to his garage a few years ago, where it just sat.

After 10 hours of work, it’s ready to go to its new home!

Available for pickup in Stouffville or delivery is available for $50 anywhere in the GTA. Additional coverage may apply for those outside of an hour's drive.

Ps - imagine it with some ultraviolet lights and used as a uranium glass display cabinet?!

45” H x 15” D x 31.75” W

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