• Phone/In-Person Consults

    Phone consulting - a simple phone call to discuss plant care or ask plant questions relating to plant styling, light requirements or book an in person consult where it’s more hands on. We can also discuss pest control with natural or chemical solutions, maintenance (leaf dusting, plant rotation, soil aeration, fertilizing, etc).

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  • Pot on the Spot

    Pot on the Spot is a service that comes right to your door, materials and all! Casey brings all the soil requirements and any pot requests. She will then pot up your plants right on the spot (no mess, all done on a tarp). Or you can bring them directly to her shop! Click here to book an in-shop appointment!

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  • Custom Plant Care Services

    Do you have a more specific request like staging plants for your home, or finding the perfect pot and plant? Or maybe it’s not something seen offered here, feel free to email Casey for all your plant needs and she’ll be happy to work out a more custom package for you.

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  • Plant Sourcing

    Casey will scavenge for treasured plants, tall plants, short plants etc. If you’d like Casey to hunt down a specific plant, she’d be more than happy to work with you. Please email all requests to bohemianbloomsphoto@gmail.com or by the contact form. To book this service, book under Custom Plant Care.

  • Treasure Hunting

    There are so many treasures to be found, just waiting for the perfect home. Are you hunting for a specific home decor piece? Ask Casey to source it for you!

  • Refinishing

    Instead of tossing out your old furniture, why not give it a makeover? Casey offers refinishing services and also sells her refinished pieces on the shop page.

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